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     Welcome To Di-voice 

      The website where kids have a voice about divorce  
  • Hi, my name is Madeline, and I have been a Girl Scout for 12 years.  This site is my Gold Award. 

  •   I am not a certified therapist.  My project aims to give emotional relief and advice to teens.  If you are suffering from anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, or any mental disorder, please contact a trusted doctor.  If you are being abused mentally, physically or verbally, you can access the page Hotline Help.       

  •  When I learned of my parents' divorce, one of the first things I did was to Google "divorce."  My screen filled up with advertisements for lawyer after lawyer.  The few support groups I found were intended for adults. 

  • I never want this to happen to anyone.  I wanted to create a community for teens that allows them to find information, support, and a place they can use their voice. 

  • This is where the Instagram Di-voice page is amazing.  You can meet friends online. 

  • I want this website to be for everyone, no matter your religion or location. 

  • This website will provide you with coping mechanisms, advice from real people, and some comfort in knowing you are not alone. 


50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

From American Psychological 


You are allowed to feel how you feel.  No emotion is wrong or right.  

Teens who have divorced parents are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illness. 

From ttps://

Divorce is becoming more and more common.  Every year there are more reported divorces.  Your parents divorce is nothing to feel ashamed  or guilty about.    

Want to use your voice?  DM us at Instagram to share your story.  Click here to follow Di-voice on Instagram

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