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          Coping Mechanisms 

The effects of divorce are stressful.  Emotions can feel overpowering.  It can be hard to think, breathe, and calm yourself down.  Science has found that there are ways to combat this.  Stress and anxiety are inevitable and you should never feel guilty for your emotions. If you find your thoughts and anxiety to be taking over talk to your parent or a trusted doctor and seek help.     

  • Breathing exercises such as box breathing, deep breathing, and 4-7-8 breathing.  

  • Writing down how you feel

  • Playing calming music 

  • Thinking of a happy place the beach, mountains, or a city

  • Doing yoga or sitting still has been proven to relax the body and ease anxiety

  • Getting some exercise  

  • Doing your favorite hobby such as playing a sport, drawing, baking, and more

  • Taking a nap 

  • Talking to a friend or family member you feel safe with who has a calming affect 

  • Food plays a massive role in how we feel so if you haven't eaten get some food or possibly have a comfort food  

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