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Why I made Di-voice

Hi! I am  Madeline 

I'm a Girl Scout and this is my Gold award project.  I have always had a passion for helping people.  I wanted to make this website to help teens whose parents are divorced, or are getting divorced.  I know how difficult and confusing it can be.  I want to create a community where teens all over can use their voice, and connect.  I made an Instagram that is similar to this website.  Think of it as a snap shot of this website.  It will provide inspirational quotes, and quick and easy coping mechanisms for when you are stressed.  With the Instagram I want to create a community.  I see fitness, art, and music communities and I thought why not make one for kids going through divorce.  Growing up I remember this stigma around divorce.  My mom was so amazing and kind but was shunned in a lot of social situations and it was hard for her.  Growing up I found it to be the same for kids.  Divorce seems to be a taboo that isn't addressed or talked about.  This leads to a lot of teens developing mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.  Through this website I want to get rid of the stigma associated with divorce.  I want to create a community that can allow teens all over to use their voice.  If you want to share your story you can email Di-voice at or dm Di-voice on Instagram.  

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Here is the link to the Instagram I have created that has motivational quotes, quick and easy ways to cope, and a community of others just like you!

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